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Like the oil that curses our earth
Like the witch that casts your spell
Like the mold which eats your food

    Timing has infected my life

Like the love that was lost
Like the time invincible
Like the world so happy

    Timing has forced my life

Like the unwilling forecloser
Like the prophet in prison
Like the unwanted child
    Timing has been shining
Like the sun burning out
Like the light you can’t see
Like the diamond robbed

    Timing has fucked me

Like the love some see
Like the smiles between
Like the happy family

    Timing won’t come around

Like the lost not found
Like the miscarried
Like the never married
    Timing will drown
Like the head held under
Like the tears unending
Like the fire
    Timing has sent me down
In the midday everything was fine
Morning gone, hoping for evening delight
Here at noon after dust had settled
Wheezing from the early stirring shuffled
Gone from the day
Where I may have done things
My time has lost its ingenuity
To create the thoughts I think through
The moments before in deciding to choose
A life full of life and feeling alive
Now with no choice but to let it all go
In hopes that this void has some sort of clue
Dream as I may for things to improve
I lost the chance to set it all forward
Now its midday and I've done not a thing
With nectar in hand just bled
I stand
For nothing
In the midday everything was fine
Morning had passed as such a delight
Now being noon not a moment too soon
I am tired from the work of my mind
Here in the day
Done many things
Ingenious insightful I climb
As every thought directing decisions
Plays into this idea of grandeur
Knowing days could soon turn sour
I push these thoughts to engage their flower
Pedals will open, bloom and empower
My rise to find the forward flow
Clear headed my loss has bled
I stand
For all that I said
The frogs with a chirp tell you its time. To wash away winter and start to unwind.
From the start of the season fruit comes thy way. Like a warm summer breeze breaking the day.
Steadily changes grow into truth. By the time its summer you've found something new.
To seek out the motions that bring thee glee. Don't forget to sort your time for tea.
Simple is an easy way to say you don't want to talk
Talking is an easy way to seem to complicated
Being complicated implicates problems
And problems are what I am trying to avoid
Avoiding has become an avid obsession
While obsessing about something in the void
In the hole that digs its way around
Yes around and not down like usual
Usually the hole goes down
Down in this case refers to a bullet
A bullet that only can be ducked
It is ducked - for it is a must
A must to make it until tomorrow
And tomorrow I amy come to figure
After figuring the bullet would do better
Better in a head that was talked out of living
Living to find out why all I wanted was simple
So sorry to leave the fridge full
I just imagined you opened the door
Looked inside and fell to the floor
No. This is not because the food
Jumped out to bite or cause fights
Its not even because some beast
Was hiding behind your beets!
No. It was the fermentation
It was the smell permeating
The pineapple threw spines
In the form of cold spores
Round two fight
Broccoli knocking out the lights
Just when you thought it was safe
There came the month old lentils
I barfed, then condemned this place
She called to tell me a plan was in motion
I walked to the other side of the room
Rest assured with the couch below
I just might be able to find some room
Shortly after she breaks the news
Right there on the floor I might lay
Incapacitated, emaciated, unappreciated
Ya. It could be just that bad
Every time a foot falls in front
Or her brain starts calculating a start
It could very well lead to world peace
But it's the road we'll take to save
It's the countless days spent lost
The life drifting away from sense
Devoted to what could be a cause
She tells me regardless
I'll wake up tomorrow
She lets me know
Why I was born
I fall
In her arms
I feel
Her beating heart
Thank god
She's a woman


Unto our patience we sit and we stare

Thoughts in the air nobody cares

Just passing the time a read or a write

Even a gal doing all her makeup tonight

Papers crinkling upsetting the silence

Trains roll in brakes screaming loudly

Some with food, some pick at their nails

Some fast asleep, others restless, and pale

A phone ringing loudly, silenced by a beep

An answer in some language I don’t speak

If our thoughts were gathered and put on puree

They’d probably say, lets get on with it!

Truth as it is it’s cold and lonely

Not a one of us here resting at home

No, we all sit on our chairs provided

Hard in plastic as to be easy in washing

Floor dull grey as though to say

It’s lucky to get a cleaning a day

Some pass in, others pass out

And faintly to listen to the lack of elation

For those with no train, no reservation

No wood for the fire, no home to stay

Sleeping in the wait room another day.



Look inward to discover meaning.

Throw aside malcontent.

Look for pain as pleasure.

See in the dark for the first time.

Lose your shell.

Come to terms.

Try to obtain depth.

By acquiring life.

Letting it go.

Being alone.

Draw slightly closer.

Bring it near.

Recognize views.

Get some clues.