Make a statement

My creation of hot glass to solid form is not only a physical, but a spiritual transformation. I find like most problems, issues, or dilemmas; molten glass has no boundaries or conclusions. It is lost before knowing what it even can become. Then through due process, time, and letting go of what it might want to be, it comes to life and forms its own conclusions. For the answer is always within, and natural progression will do what force can not inflict.
My work lies in landscape and nature - understanding how systems and our methodical earth correlate to visual arts, and more specifically, hot glass. Living in northwestern Montana has opened my horizons and given me more inspiration than I can handle. Through the act of involving myself in the views that inspire, I become a part of them, linking my love of the visual landscape to that of visual art. Driving me to the studio. Where my soul takes a rest and moves distant from trouble and worry. The studio, where I meditate on a life cycle and bring birth to a solidifying form.
Yes, the studio is where I find myself dreaming and contemplating with my good friend Lee Proctor. I met Lee soon after moving to Whitefish, MT. He graciously gave me the opportunity to work with him – and I took it. In doing so, we have become a working pair. His conceptual nature drives my creativity. He pushes me to let go - to experiment with ideas I may not think possible, leading me to the love of the art.
The love of letting work come to life and take form letting the glass flow in liquid nature - Of moments when an idea is lost, a new one taking its place. In letting go of that old idea, we adapt to its natural successor. Everything must end, but how much will begin before it does? Let us respect the idea of giving what is taken. The idea that what’s in focus has as much control over you as you do it. Let us respect the life cycle.
Continually finding different pathways to explore myself creates a drive to all mediums. My interests lie in all artforms and those who choose to apply themselves - for they are the ones pushing our people. The simple art of living our lives becomes my favorite aspect and although my eye is simple in recognition - it is broad. To love the way a friend bakes a cake, to the strokes of a painter's brush, or the way a woman soothes lengths of  hair by running her fingers slowly through.     
                                                            Humans - Art in action.